Month: September 2017

Benefits of Meditation

  Since the beginning of Human Evolution the size of the human brain was small which gradually began to grow as the time passed. Human Mind became more creative and various new  ideas started evolving through the thought process. Man started to create new tools and weapons to get food and shelter as it was the only need at that time. At the first stage of development Homo Habilis developed stone tools which evolved with time and due to the creativity of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Modern Man) new inventions and discoveries started taking place. But nowadays Modern Man is...

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6 Steps to live amazing OM Life | OM Meditation

OM (ॐ) or Aum is a divine word which is very spiritual and is associated with every mantra and empowers that very mantra. It is chanted from ancient times by sages and Pandits and is said to be a powerful combination of three gods the trinity Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. But as said it is not only divine word but also associated with vibes or vibrations that enlightens not only our mind but also body in short it empowers our Physical as well as Spiritual plane as same. Many People have stress and problems in life, they suffer from...

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Nunchaku The Deadliest Weapon

Nunchaku is one of the ancient deadliest weapon that was used to train by the Okinawa martial arts. It is the traditional Okinawa martial arts weapon which is made of two sticks connected at one end by short rope or chain. nunchakus can be referred as chainsticks or chuka sticks or karate sticks in English, while nunchakus are called in Japanese language. Although the real origin of Nunchaku is unknown, but one popular belief states that it was originally a short flail which was used to thresh rice and soybeans by Okinawa farmers which they then used it to fight against Samurai, another belief states that it was adapted from clapper made of wood known as hyoshiki that was carried by the night watcher of the village, which he used to alert people of dangers. As far in Martial Arts, A Nunchaku is the most deadly weapon which can be made up of wood or metal and connected to one end by metal or small rope. Based on the interest a practitioner can buy any kind of nunchaku, metal or wood, but during training period it is recommended that a trainee must use Foam Nunchaku (made of Polystyrene Foam) or plastic or rubber nunchaku so they can train perfectly without hurting themselves. Nunchaku has been featured in many movies, if you can remember Bruce Lee used it in many of...

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