Since the beginning of Human Evolution the size of the human brain was small which gradually began to grow as the time passed. Human Mind became more creative and various new  ideas started evolving through the thought process. Man started to create new tools and weapons to get food and shelter as it was the only need at that time. At the first stage of development Homo Habilis developed stone tools which evolved with time and due to the creativity of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Modern Man) new inventions and discoveries started taking place. But nowadays Modern Man is more prone to technology leading to the stagnation, which can only be stopped through Meditation.

Similarly like the evolution process if you take a close look at the Human Body which is made up of many different organs, involving different Voluntary as well as Involuntary Functions, based on science you could end on a conclusion that it is controlled and maintained by our Brain which is connected to Spinal cord. The main system that operates in our body is the Central Nervous System (CNS). All functions in our body are regulated by CNS that consists of Brain and Spinal Cord. So if our Brain is healthy and strong so will be our body. Now you can conclude yourself why meditation is crucial in daily life.



A Note on Brainwaves

Brain consists of millions of Neurons which communicate with each other producing impulses. These impulses are signals they send to each other. During their communication and production of impulses some patterns are produced which are known as Brainwaves. These patterns can also be referred as State of Mind which can be classified as Gamma (State of High Alertness), Beta (State of Consciousness or Normal Alertness), Alpha (State of Basic Meditation), Theta (State of Deep Meditation/State just before falling asleep or Amnesia) & Delta (State of Dreamless Sleep).

Similar to the Brain Waves there exists a Universal Consciousness to which we all are connected which can be referred as Universal Energy. This whole universe is made up of energy that is in the form of vibrations. It is a life force made up of electromagnetic energy available in abundance that operates at different frequencies and is present in every object and every creature. This energy flows in our body in 3 Dan-Tiens, 12 principal meridians, 7 Chakras and Aura around us. It helps in maintaining moods, good health and manifesting desires and the way to connect to this is through Meditation or Energy Work Practices.

Effects of Meditation on Mind

Experts have claimed Mind to be Conscious (5-10% – very limited) as well as Subconscious (90-95%). Subconscious is a vast ocean of information and storage of day to day habits. People mainly use conscious mind to think logically and reason but never use subconscious that can do wonders when activated. Developing different habits is a task supported by Subconscious mind, it is said that repeating a habit for 21 days becomes permanent. Anger, Lack of Concentration, Fear, Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Depression etc are the various factors that affect people on daily basis and here subconscious plays an important by storing the factors and creating habits. Meditation can reduce all these factors and give ability to tackle every problem.