Nunchaku is one of the ancient deadliest weapon that was used to train by the Okinawa martial arts. It is the traditional Okinawa martial arts weapon which is made of two sticks connected at one end by short rope or chain. nunchakus can be referred as chainsticks or chuka sticks or karate sticks in English, while nunchakus are called in Japanese language. Although the real origin of Nunchaku is unknown, but one popular belief states that it was originally a short flail which was used to thresh rice and soybeans by Okinawa farmers which they then used it to fight against Samurai, another belief states that it was adapted from clapper made of wood known as hyoshiki that was carried by the night watcher of the village, which he used to alert people of dangers. As far in Martial Arts, A Nunchaku is the most deadly weapon which can be made up of wood or metal and connected to one end by metal or small rope. Based on the interest a practitioner can buy any kind of nunchaku, metal or wood, but during training period it is recommended that a trainee must use Foam Nunchaku (made of Polystyrene Foam) or plastic or rubber nunchaku so they can train perfectly without hurting themselves.

Nunchaku has been featured in many movies, if you can remember Bruce Lee used it in many of his blockbusters. It has also been featured in a recent most popular game Marvel Future Fight used by a Superhero character Shang Chi. Those from India can buy nunchakus from here; I have selected the best ones –


There are many benefits involving the practice of nunchaku, one can melt down the laziness, become active and fit, it releases out all the stress and makes the body more strong, it allows quicker hand movements and improves the posture of the body. Many styles of the nunchakus have been created till date, from long to short and many styles of spinning nunchakus have also been developed. A nunchaku can be used as a self defense weapon, as it can protect you from every side by spinning and striking.

One can practice this on daily basis and learn many freestyle nunchaku tricks and techniques associated which can make one stress free and active in everyday life. It improves the breathe factor and allows more oxygen to get filled in the lungs and increases ones life force. There are certain more benefits that are included and will come to know in meantime when you start practicing. When compared to other fitness exercises nunchaku is the best to practice as it allows quicker movement of all body parts and helps in development by providing strength to the same. At the conclusion point I would say that everyone should start practicing nunchaku on daily basis for health as well as self defense purpose.